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How Does Bail Bonds Work?

Learn How Bail Bonds work

There are so many aspects of the bonding process. Most people are completely unaware of how it all works. Once a person is arrested they are taken to the local jail for processing. The processing (booking) takes about 1-3 hours to complete. Once the booking process is complete the arrested person will have the option to stay in jail or bond out.

By staying in jail, the arrested person will be held until the case(s) are satisfied. This process usually takes more than one month and more than one court appearance. Most people choose to post their bond immediately.

To bond out of jail, you have 2 options. Pay a bond with a bail bond company or cash bail bond by paying the full amount of the bond(s) in cash. The cash bail bond option means that you will have to deliver cash to the jail.

Posting a bond with a Florida Bail Bond Agent: The bail bond agent (bail bond company) will charge you a fee or percentage of the total bond amount. In the State of Florida the bail bond fees are set by the State and are not negotiable (Florida Statute ). For any bond that is $1,000 or under will cost you $100. If a bond is greater than $1,000. then you would pay 10% of that bond. Example: one bond set at $500 will cost $100 with a bail bond company. If one bond is set at $1,500 that will cost 10% or $150 with a bail bond company. Usually we can start the bonding process before the booking is complete if you know exactly what the charge is. Otherwise we may have to wait until the booking process is complete.

Once the jail receives a bond. The jail has numerous procedures to complete before a person is released from jail. This process generally takes 2-5 hours. Generally the bigger the jail, the longer the release process takes. You do not have to be at the jail for the release. Once the defendant is released he/she will need to stop by my office to complete the paperwork and discuss the next court date. This will take less than 5 minutes.


Collateral is not always required when posting a bond through our office. Each and every situation is different. If collateral is required, we will hold something of value ( car title, real estate, cash, jewelry, etc) to offset any loss if the defendant fails to appear.

As long as the defendant appears and the case is resolved, you will get your collateral back. A contract is considered collateral even though you haven’t given anything except your signature. We usually will only require a signature bond (release).

Signature Bonds-Signature Release:

This is a term that is used when you post a bond for someone without pledging additional collateral to secure the bond.

A signature bond is when you will sign only a contract that you pledge to repay the bonding company if the defendant skips court (failure to appear). If they fail to appear you will come in and pay us back the total amount lost.

The two standard bail bond contracts generally signed are a Promissory Note and Indemnity Agreement.

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